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Clubefl Evaluation by Andromachi Grigoriadou

October 26th, 2011


I have watched this video many times but it still amazes me. I will quote one line the child says that is a message to all of us,

"If you don't know the Internet, you can't be my teacher"

The moment I started using CLUBEFL I couldn't even imagine teaching without including it in my lesson plan.

When using such a platform everything is just a "click" away: homework, on line stories, quizzes that I can design and satisfy my students' needs, songs, vocabulary practice, writing practice since the students can write their stories, essays etc. and post them on their blogs, messages that the students and the teachers can send to each other and the list goes on. So if the operation of our school has changed? It certainly has!

The students’ reaction is definitely positive as well as their parents’. Even if some parents were sceptical at the beginning because they were afraid of the Internet when they realized how autonomous learners their children have become, they are now true supporters.

As for the students’ performance, it has changed for the better as they are now more motivated. Take for example writing, when students write just for their teacher then sometimes they don’t try so hard but when they know that their piece of writing will be posted on their blog and that their peers will read it then they do their best and are anxious of their peers’ comments as well as their teacher’s.

All in all Web.2 is undoubtedly in our lives  and it is still changing.

CLUBEFL is an educational Web.2 platform that has everything a teacher or a student needs to present, design, communicate and practice and is, as mentioned above, just a “click” away!

Andromachi Grigoriadou

EFL teacher

AIVAZOGLOU School of the future


What is clubEFL

Real Technology – Real Schools