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About clubEFL and its Possibilities

February 27th, 2013


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We are positive that whoever browses clubEFL without guidance from someone who knows it well, may not comprehend exactly what one could do with clubEFL, whether a school, a teacher or a student.

It is certain that clubEFL has many great useful links, but its main elements are:

1. Every School (Group) has its own, separate virtual space inside clubEFL.

That means that the administrator of the school (the Group Manager) through his or her Control Panel:

- Can create schools that belong to his or her Group.

- Can create Classes for schools.

- Can create Segments for Classes 

- Can add School Managers, Teachers, Students and Parents.

2. After the Groups and Schools have been organized the headmaster can start communicating with every person in his Group.

3. The Teachers are able to communicate with their students and their parents.

4. The Students can communicate with their teachers and their classmates.

5. The Teachers can easily create a variety of Quizzes for their students and see the results immediately.

They can also add online tasks for students and see and analyze the results of each student or class.

6. There is a large database of pictures, sounds, stories and listening activities, that with simple moves the teachers can create whatever they desire with the only limitation being their imagination.

7. Everyone (students, teachers, managers) are able to create their own blog.

8. Access to useful tools such as the online personal Notebook and the Uploader for teacher's files.

9. Unique tools to share ideas and quizzes between groups.

10. Creation of stories, favorite links, video messages, class messages and homework management.

11. And of course many ready to use quizzes, exercises, lesson plans, learing videos, stories, games and much more.

A wonderful world full of new and exciting ideas awaits in clubEFL.

The possibilities are so endless that even a manual could not properly describe them all, but we are working on that.

Certainly, we cannot outline all the activities of clubEFL in an email.

We are currently enhancing clubEFL with a new, flexible and more user-friendly design to both user and administration sides.

We understand that you are a group that is interested in clubEFL and we believe that you can also be a part of its development.

We can fulfill every desire or wish that every teacher in the world has. clubEFL has almost everything.

The thing that is missing is the one that we haven't thought of yet.

So, your school place in the English School Club is ready and you can visit our site and from control panel you can add as members all of your students.

We hope you find the clubEFL useful for you as a teacher and for your students.

Dimitris Aivazoglou

Don't hesitate to ask me anything about clubEFL on skype. My scype name is clubEFL.

D. Solomou 13 – Thessaloniki T.K 55134 Greece

Tel. 30 2310 444683 and 6945555145

email :info@clubefl.gr


What is clubEFL

Real Technology – Real Schools